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Project6Million: A Special Message to March of the Living

A special message from Project6Million will be broadcasting from Birkenau on Monday April 8th 2013.

To learn more about Project6Million, watch the video below, or visit www.project6million.org

What is Project6Million?

A channel for your students to turn their life-changing experience into an active commitment, impact and inspiration they can share with the world. It’s an active, online, global Holocaust remembrance initiative unlike any other. It’s a way for MOTL participants to take a stand from the lessons they’re learning in Poland and Israel, while sharing their commitment to creating a world without the hatred and intolerance that caused the Holocaust. They can inspire a generation to choose differently with even the smallest statement – make a moment to take a stand.

It’s easy for you and your delegation to get involved.

As you reflect with your group through MOTL, ask them to think about each of our individual roles in perpetuating the message beyond the camps. Go to project6million.org, see the statements of Marchers and people all over the world, and then… Take a stand to honor the six million Jewish men, women and children taken in the Holocaust by giving your own statement of commitment to standing up against hatred and intolerance.

With every 2013 Marcher making a statement, an important shift will happen in turning their transformative experience of MOTL into thousands of personal commitments to the world. From there, we share it with others and together, we, as MOTL alumni around the world, can build and spread a global movement of awareness and people dedicated to a better world out of our shared experience. If we do not keep the conversation after the experience then we have failed.

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