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Capture your MOTL experience, Make it last, Connect with Alumni

You experienced something unique and powerful in your MOTL experience, which only those who have done it can truly understand. We know that feeling, as do thousands of others who have experienced MOTL like you did.

It’s a powerful shift which you’ll want to come back to in you over and over. Here’s where that begins, along with all the other Marchers who have experienced it.

Capture it.

For the 6 million. For humanity, and for yourself.

Capture the moment as a statement, a reflection, or a photo- so you can carry the torch as the last generation to hear the testimonies of survivors and honor the 6million with the world we create.

We’ll share your statement for you here, and then send your it back to you in intervals… in  2 weeks, in a year, in two years… with a simple question: “Where does it stir for you NOW? What do you want it to cause in your life and in the world?” Maybe just when you need it most.

You can edit or add back in to your statement as it grows with your experience and impact over time.

Your statement will connect you to a new movement, started by MOTL alumni, harnessing the power of our experience into voice, action and commitment toward a different future.

Together we can go beyond never again, to create a world where tolerance trumps hate.

Declare your voice, make your statement, become part of the movement. Make a moment now to take a stand… www.project6million.org

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