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Young and old walk hand in hand: For 25 years the March of the Living has striven to bond high school students with Holocaust survivors

National Post, By Abigale Subdhan, January 27, 2014

A Holocaust survivor takes part in the March of the Living holding a photos of himself as a concentration camp prisoner. A UN-hosted exhibit marking the March of the Living’s efforts will show hundreds of poems, quotes, photos and videos from the experience of students and survivors. Photo: Y. Zeliger

When Holocaust survivor Anita Ekstein first visited the death camp that held her mother, she couldn’t stop shaking.

She walked into the Belzec extermination camp in Poland to visit a newly opened memorial – and found her mother’s name, Ettel, etched into the wall. It was 2005, on Mother’s Day, more than 60 years after she had last seen her mother.

“It’s like my cemetery. We don’t have graves to visit, so now once a year when I go there, it’s like going to the cemetery there for me, my family,” the 79 year old says of her experience at the death camp where almost 435,000 Jews went to die.

Now Mrs. Ekstein’s story will be told at a UN-hosted exhibit in New York celebrating 25 years for an organization that bridges the gap between high school students and Holocaust survivors. (more…)

UN Exhibit to Honor March of the Living “When You Listen to a Witness, You Become a Witness”

On Tuesday, January 28th 2014, in the Visitor Centre, Dag Hammarskjold Library Lower Level, the United Nations will begin hosting the International March of the Living Exhibit: When You Listen to a Witness, You Become a Witness. The opening event and reception will take place that evening in the Library gallery from 6PM – 8PM, with Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, The Honorable Ron Prosser, as the keynote speaker.


Canada allocates $800,000 to preserve Holocaust survivors’ testimonies

Haaretz, October 21, 2013, By JTA

A plaque is placed by participants of the March of the Living on the railway tracks of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi Death Camp near Oswiecim, Poland. Photo by AP

Video testimony is tool for educating public, government says.

Canada has allocated $800,000 to preserve the testimonies of Holocaust survivors.

The funding from the federal Citizenship and Immigration department will go to four Jewish organizations in Canada to gather video testimony from survivors.

“Canada has been profoundly shaped by approximately 40,000 Holocaust survivors who resettled across our country after World War II,” Jason Kenney, the minister for multiculturalism, said in a recent statement. “As Canadians, it is our responsibility to learn from these brave individuals and ensure that the horrible events of the Holocaust are not forgotten, and ensure that such atrocities never happen again.” (more…)

Team MOTL has 5 Spots in the 2013 New York Marathon

We are very excited to announce that the March of the Living International is an Official Charity Partner for the 2013 New York Marathon!

We have 5 coveted spots for the November 3, 2013 marathon and we invite you to share this opportunity with your local community. General entry to the 2013 ING New York City Marathon has already closed. Our spots are guaranteed, automatic admission.

In order to run, candidates must commit to raise, or personally donate, a minimum of $3000. Someone from your community may already be running the Marathon. They can join Team MOTL with a commitment to raise a minimum of $1500.

We have set up a CrowdRise page you can use to track individual fundraising progress: www.crowdrise.com/marchoflivingnyc2013

Download the application here. Please return completed application form to  Wanqing Luo at wan@schnurassociates.com.

We anticipate a high demand for these spots so please reply as soon as possible. Contact Wanqing Luo at wan@schnurassociates.com or 212-489-0600 x214 for more information and to apply.


NYTimes OpDoc: Branko: Return to Auschwitz

The New York Times, April 14, 2013, By Topaz Adizes

April 15 marks the 68th anniversary of Branko Lustig’s liberation from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp when he was not quite 13 years old. In this Op-Doc video, we follow Mr. Lustig back to Poland to visit the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps (where he was also interned) and to celebrate the bar mitzvah he could never have as a young man.

Between these pivotal moments in his life, Mr. Lustig became one of the most accomplished producers in Hollywood. He won best picture Academy Awards for producing “Schindler’s List” and “Gladiator,” and also worked on Volker Schlöndorff’s epic German World War II tale “The Tin Drum” as well as “Sophie’s Choice,” “War and Remembrance” and “The Winds of War.”

The arc of Mr. Lustig’s life — from Holocaust survivor to Oscar winner — is one of remarkable triumph. While many people shy away from revisiting their personal traumas, Mr. Lustig — in his feature films and in my short documentary — has enabled us all to reflect upon them and, perhaps, come to terms with them.

Topaz Adizes is a New York-based filmmaker whose documentaries and narrative films have played at festivals including Cannes, Sundance, South by Southest and Cinéma du Réel. He is currently developing a narrative feature film, “Close Enough.”

View Clip about Academy Award Winner Branko Lustig’s return to Auschwitz on the March of the Living”: http://nyti.ms/159f7LG

Requiem for the Warsaw Ghetto

The song was written and performed by Vadim Drezyin a participant in the 1988 March of the Living. The chorus of the song, “to live with honour and to die with honour…” was taken from the last letter of Emmanuel Ringleblum, the famous Jewish historian of the Warsaw Ghetto. He observed in these last words, that the spirit of those who resisted the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto, was to “live with honour and die with honour.

Ringleblum was murdered a week after he wrote those words.

Dan Kanter, Justin Bieber’s Musical Director and Guitar Player, Takes Emotional Visit to Auschwitz

Dan Kanter, musical director and guitar player for Justin Bieber, made an emotional visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau earlier this week during Justin Bieber’s 2013 European Believe Tour stop in Poland.

The trip was organized by the March of the Living, an international educational institution dedicated to teaching the lessons of the Holocaust and to combatting prejudice, intolerance and hate.

“I just walked from Auschwitz to Birkenau -  It’s been very intense and emotional today,” the acclaimed guitarist said, after visiting the world’s largest and most notorious former death camp, where over 1 million innocent men, women and children – the vast majority Jews- were gassed to death, during the Nazi Holocaust.  (more…)

Rabbi Lau Thanks America for Liberating Him in the Presence of President Obama, President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu

Rabbi Lau will be attending the 2013 March of the Living and speaking to the students at the ceremony in Auschwitz-Birkenau on Yom Hashoah.

Lowy to address MOTL

Australian Jewish News, By Phoebe RothMarch 19, 2013

Businessman and philanthropist Frank Lowy. Photo: Henry Benjamin.

BUSINESSMAN, philanthropist and Holocaust survivor Frank Lowy will deliver a keynote address at this year’s March of the Living (MOTL), which coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The annual event, which is running for its 25th year, is set to bring more than 10,000 students, adults and survivors from around the world to Auschwitz-Birkenau on Yom Hashoah next month. (more…)

2013 March of the Living to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

2013 March of the Living to Honour Physical and Spiritual Resistance

Hugo Lowy story to play central role in Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony as world marks 70th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Spiritual Resistance to be one of its major themes as program marks its 25th year.

This year’s March of the Living will coincide with the anniversary of the heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during which a small band of Jewish fighters held off their German attackers for more than a month, after they had planned to liquidate the Warsaw Ghetto in three days. While the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising represents physical resistance, a keynote address on spiritual resistance will be delivered by Frank Lowy, a renowned Jewish leader, philanthropist and Holocaust survivor, who now lives in Sydney, Australia. (more…)