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70 Years Ago This Month: The Holocaust Comes To Hungary

Hungarian Jews arriving at Auschwitz

Jewish Press, By Dr. Ervin Birnbaum, March 5th, 2014

(In memory of family members, friends, and residents of my hometown, Kassa (now Kosice), who perished at the hands of the Nazis.)

By the beginning of March 1944, Adolf Hitler had turned his attention to the destruction of the last body of Jewry still in existence within his realm.

He ordered Heinrich Himmler, who in turn authorized Adolf Eichmann, to carry out the mass removal and execution of Hungary’s Jewish community, which during the war years stood at more than 800,000 after the annexations of regions in Slovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia. (more…)

March of the Living expresses its gratitude to Leonardo Farkas of Santiago, Chile

March of the Living expresses its gratitude to Leonardo Farkas of Santiago, Chile for his extraordinary generosity that has enabled so many Holocaust survivors and young people to participate in the March of the Living, learn the lessons of the Shoah and connect to their Jewish identity and Israel. The philanthropy of Leonardo Farkas has touched millions of people around the world.

We are honored that Mr. Farkas and his family have chosen to participate in the 2014 March of the Living and grateful for his outstanding support.

70 Years Since the Destruction of Hungarian Jewry

March of the Living Commemorates A Tragic Anniversary
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2014 marks a tragic anniversary – 70 years since the deportation and destruction of Hungarian Jewry during the Holocaust. Given this important date, March of the Living International is seeking to incorporate the story of Hungarian Jewry into its 2014 program in several significant ways.

I. Historical Background

Beginning in April of 1944 (often during Pesach), Nazi Germany, with the help of its local Hungarian collaborators, began rounding up the Jews of Hungary, from the smallest villages, to the capital of Budapest, where one quarter of the population was Jewish. The first deportations of Hungarian Jews began on April 29, 1944, with the first transport arriving in Auschwitz-Birkenau on May 2, 1944. The last transport arrived on July 11, 1944. (more…)