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Auschwitz Memorial Reports Record Numbers of Visitors in 2011

A plaque placed by the participants of the traditional ‘March of the Living’ onto the tracks of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi Death Camp near Oswiecim, southern Poland, May 2, 2011. Photo by AP.

Haaretz, January 6, 2012, By The Associated Press

While the large number of visitors is seen as important for Holocaust education, mass tourism there is also adding strain to the barracks and other structures.

The memorial site of Auschwitz-Birkenau saw record audiences in 2011, figures released Friday indicated, with over 1.4 million visitors. The impressive soar underlines how the death and labor complex that Nazi Germany built in occupied southern Poland during World War II has become Europe’s most visited Holocaust remembrance site. (more…)

Auschwitz Survivor and ‘Schindler’s List’ Producer Going Back there for his Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Mark Blazer places a prayer shawl on Branko Lustig during a tribute event at Universal Studios Monday. Lustig will wear the shawl during his Bar Mitvah in May. Lustig, who was denied having a Bar Mitvah because he was incarcerated in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, will travel back to the camp and have his ceremony next to Barracks 24 where he was held captive. Photo credit: Andy Holzman, L.A. Daily News.

Daily News, April 5, 2011, By Bob Strauss

At a tribute on the Universal Studios lot Monday evening, “Schindler’s List” producer Branko Lustig finally received his tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl commonly presented to boys before they’re bar mitzvahed.

The 78-year-old Lustig will go through his coming-of-age ceremony early next month at the place where he couldn’t have had it when he was an adolescent: the Auschwitz concentration camp. (more…)

Branko Lustig Honored

Variety, March 28, 2011, By Variety Staff

Branko Lustig, producer of “Schindler’s List,” “Gladiator” and numerous other pics, never had a bar mitzvah. At age 13, Lustig was imprisoned in Auschwitz.

On April 4, the Holocaust survivor will be honored at a fundraiser for Intl. March of the Living, to be held in Screening Room 3 on the Universal lot. Lustig will be presented with a prayer shawl signifying the beginning of his bar mitzvah.

The rest of the ceremony will be held May 2 at the Auschwitz Memorial site in Oswiecim, Poland, as part of the annual March of the Living event, where a scholarship fund in Lustig’s name will be unveiled.