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Category : Alumni Messages

When Brothers Cry – Pablo Yafe & Alan Senderowitsch, Tarbut School, Argentina

When brothers cry (March of the Living) – Pablo Yafe & Alan Senderowitsch from Pablo Yafe on Vimeo.

March of the Living: Our Story, LA

From: Nicole Shuckett

I met my husband Avi Pollock
25 years ago this week on the first march of the living….

From: Audrey Maman

I participated in the March of the Living from Montreal in 1996. I remained involved after my trip by interviewing Madrichims and potential new marchers for the following years. I also gave a speech at one of the functions in which I spoke about my experience and specifically about one of my madrichims who had passed away, Monica Bergman, z”l. I now live in Miami, Florida.

From: Elisha Caplan

It has been nearly 20 years since I went on the March of the Living. I recall writing about wanting to go on the March because I couldn’t fathom six million, and because no one in my family had been personally touched by the Holocaust, I felt I didn’t have an understanding of what really happened and what genocide really means. This morning I attended a program about third generation Holocaust survivors – grandchildren of survivors — and I watched video of one of the 3G’s grandfather’s giving testimony to his experience in Auschwitz. When he spoke of the death March he took, I remembered MY March, and felt a true link between my experience and the heartache and suffering he went through and took the effort to tell all of us about. March of the Living has informed my understanding of c’lal Yisrael, and inspired a career dedicated to Jewish community.

From: Lisa M. Booth

Hi there.. I was a participant on the March in 1996 from Eastern Region BBYO. It was a trip of a lifetime and would love to get in touch with others that were on the trip with me. I was on the “blue” bus.

From: Raquel Schlosser Stavchansky, Mexico

Testimony of Inside a Dead Wagon

Salomon Schlosser my father is an birkenau survivour. I have written as his daughter the testimony of what happend in the train during the dath march from auschwitz to mathaussen. From the bottom of our heart we would like to share it. He lives in Mexico,still alive. The book for children I wrote about his number teaches about prejudice and has become a national project for the primary schools of the Ministry of Education in Mexico. They have distribute in the schools 56800 copies of the book for 3th and 4th grade