• Taking a Long-Term Perspective

    Shmuel Rosenman takes a long-term perspective on the place of the Holocaust in Jewish identity. Notwithstanding the fact that the generation of survivors is aging, and soon no one will be left alive to bear witness to the unspeakable tragedy of 1939 to 1945, Rosenman, who in 1988 was one

  • Keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive

    “When you listen to a witness, you become a witness … please heal the world.” The eloquent plea of Holocaust survivor Judy Weissenberg Cohen perhaps best underpins and represents a new work, Witness: Passing the Torch of Holocaust Memory to New Generations. This book contains striking images and reflections from

  • 2016 March of the Living Hungary

  • Award Winning Film “Never Forget: A March of the Living Story” to be Released on Yom Hashoah

    Award winning Producer, Anthony Salamon and Award winning Director, Adam Dostalek will bring their socially significant short film, Never Forget: A March of the Living Story to the public this Yom Hashoah. With Yom Hashoah (Holocaust remembrance day) 2016 fast approaching, and world events bringing issues of tolerance and community

  • As Holocaust Becomes More Distant, Survivors’ Needs Intensify

    The German government is negotiating with Jewish representatives to ensure that the thousands of poorest and weakest Holocaust survivors worldwide receive the intensive care they need to live out their final years at home. The German Finance Ministry and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany continue to hold

  • Why They March

    Next month, David Machlis of Englewood once again will join March of the Living. The march is an annual educational program that brings people — most of them teenagers — from all over the world to Poland and Israel. There, they study the history of the Holocaust and examine the

  • Christians Join Thousands in Hungary’s March of the Living

    Tens of thousands took part Sunday in the “March of the Living,” as well as Hungary’s largest anti-racist rally of the year. March of the Living, now in its 14th year, is held annually to commemorate the deportation of Hungarian Jewry to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The ghettoization of the

  • Hungary buries remains of Holocaust victims found in Danube

    BUDAPEST, Hungary — Human remains found in 2011, including many believed to be of Jews shot on the banks of the Danube River near the end of World War II, were buried Friday in a Jewish cemetery in Budapest. Two wooden caskets containing hundreds of bone fragments were laid to

  • March of the Living Hungary – Az Élet Menete Budapesten – 2016 – élő közvetítés – live streaming


  • March of the Living to be held in Budapest on Sunday

    Tens of thousands of participants are expected for the annual March of the Living in the Hungarian capital on Sunday, 17 April 2016. http://www.eletmenete.hu/ For the past 14 years, the Hungarian March of the Living Foundation has organized the Budapest March. Last year, more than 40.000 people commemorated the victims of the