We the alumni of the International March of Living are gathered together in Israel to begin the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the state of Israel.

After witnessing the remains of the once vibrant Jewish communities in Poland and the death camps that destroy them, we realize that we, as individuals and as people, must accept the responsibility of remembrance.

However, remembrance alone is not enough. We must remember, educate and act. That is why we are here.

Like countless generations before, the youth of today declare our dedication to the continuation of the Jewish legacy.

We recognize that through our 4,000 year history, our faith been sustained by a collective memory and study of the past, and the use of it as a foundation for the future.

The March of the Living is a fundamental step in the process, not only in its remembrance and experiencing of the concentration camps in Poland, but also its conclusion in Israel.

As the last generation to come in contact with actual survivors, it is our responsibility to carry on their legacy to future generation as well as to spread their message to the present one.

In assuring that our presence in the world will never dim, we declare the following:

To educate towards a strong Jewish identity

To view Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people and the core of Jewish identity

To support and aid Jewish education

To strengthen Jewish youth programs around the world

To encourage long range study program in Israel

To encourage aliyah

To encourage every Jewish youth in the world to participate in future Marches of the Living in order to gain the knowledge and have the experience from which we have benefited

Only after we understand and fulfill the above goals, we will have fulfilled the obligation to ensure that another Holocaust will never happen again.

Remember, educate, act and prevent.