• Alumni Reflection: Giana Gurrera, San Diego / Western Region, 2017

    Auschwitz. I know this word from pictures, videos, and the literary documentation of the events that took place at this concentration camp active during 1940 and 1945. Yet, this word was just simply a concentration camp, of course there are undeniable emotional responses evoked by the word alone, but there

  • The day I walked through the valley of the shadow of death by Zach Confino, UJS, 2017

    UJS – When we are confronted by and forced to relive the horrors of the past we reach for euphemisms. Even the term genocide becomes a tool behind which we may hide ourselves from the truth, from these unspeakable crimes. We push away what we can never understand. During my time

  • 2017 ‘March of the Living’ Honors Memory of Joseph Wilf

    The late Joseph Wilf was honored on Holocaust Remembrance Day Monday. Mr. Wilf, the father of Vikings Owners Zygi and Mark Wilf, was the first North American President of the March of the Living. The 2017 march held on April 24 was named in honor of Joseph Wilf, who passed

  • How the March of the Living began by Holocaust Survivor, Noah Klieger|

    His name was Henri Roques, and in 1987 he sparked an international scandal when the University of Nantes in France awarded him a doctorate for a thesis in which he denied the Holocaust. A young Knesset member decided at the time that something had to be done in “response” to

  • Alumni Reflection: Jonathan Kier, South Africa, 2017

    DAY 1: How does one experience the horrors, violence – and fear – that is the Holocaust? The word experience does not only mean to witness and feel – but to place YOURSELF in the burnt shoes of those who perished. We arrived in Warsaw, Poland via Amsterdam at 5

  • Alumni Reflection: Noelle Chin-Vance, Leo Martin, 2016

    I don’t usually post anything on Facebook, besides happy pictures of my experience as a college student, however, today is different. As I was walking by Turlington I was a witness of a group of people shouting “No more Nazis!”. I knew about there being a man who walked around

  • Alumni Reflection: Natasha Woodstock “You can’t not go”, UJS UK, 2016

    UJS – When you go somewhere people always ask how was it? And words can never express the intensity of what you’ve experienced. This is a trip too important to miss and my words can only carry so far. I have been on a Poland trip three times, two of which

  • Alumni Reflection: Alejandra Rotman, Argentina, 2016

    (Scroll down for English version…) Aún con el equipaje a medio desarmar, la casa revuelta y mi corazón otro tanto, me veo en la situación de satisfacer el oído del otro ante el reiterado pedido de relatar mi viaje. En estos días me encuentro con palabras escasas pero con múltiples

  • Alumni Reflection: Jeremy Benhamou, Leo Martin, 2016

    In May of 2016 I was extremely fortunate to participate in the Leo Martin March of the Living. This two-week long trip to Poland and Israel not only inspired this essay, it also altered the way I think about everything! This incredible program, which began on May 2nd and ended