• UJS bus on March of the Living 2016

    UJS supported 25 students to join March of the Living UK along with 250 other participants just a few weeks ago. March of the Living UK takes participants on a journey through centuries of Polish Jewry in order to understand life before, during and after the Holocaust. Bus C (the

  • Alan Dershowitz: Europe’s old (and new) hells remind us of Israel’s importance

    I just returned from a week-long journey through hell! It began with a visit to the Auschwitz and Birkenau death camps in Poland, as a participant of the March of the Living, following a conference commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Nuremberg laws and the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg

  • Maccabi GB does March of the Living 2016: The full blog

    Prologue Nathan and Talia represented Streetwise GB – a partnership project between the CST & Maccabi GB – on the March of the Living trip from 1st-6th May 2016, as part of a delegation of 240 UK participants. The mission of the trip was to challenge a new generation of

  • Maccabi GB does March of the Living 2016: A participant’s Blog

    As the second day of the trip comes to an end [we landed in Poland on Sunday 1st May] we have been up since 6am and are only now going to bed (it’s currently 23:20). It’s been a long, emotional day. We visited a small town which, before the war,

  • Award Winning Film “Never Forget: A March of the Living Story” to be Released on Yom Hashoah

    Award winning Producer, Anthony Salamon and Award winning Director, Adam Dostalek will bring their socially significant short film, Never Forget: A March of the Living Story to the public this Yom Hashoah. With Yom Hashoah (Holocaust remembrance day) 2016 fast approaching, and world events bringing issues of tolerance and community

  • POEM: Dancing in Auschwitz by Eva Schottenstein, 2016

    We are revenge, incarnate Destined to walk, to listen, to remember, to pass on We are revenge incarnate We march, hands intertwined with those of strangers along with brothers Fingers braided tight as bread, seamlessly converting visitors into natives Heads held high, along with fists, along with flags Chanting, stamping,

  • Adam Dostalek’s March of the Living Documentary

    Adam Dostalek’s March of the Living Documentary tells his emotional story of a journey to Poland and Israel. Speaking at the UN International Holocaust Memorial Day event at the Glen Eira Town Hall in Melbourne, Australia, Adam tells us about his experience and the need to continue remembering the Holocaust

  • The Yom Hashoah that changed my life by Samantha Mellman

    A visit to these grim sites is not for everyone, but I encourage those with the time and means to trust their faith and go. Every year, when I light a candle in memory of my grandfather’s family and the millions of Jews and non-Jews who were lost, I have

  • Alumni Reflection: Mike Kaufmann, 1995

    THE PROLOGUE I went to Poland in April of 1995 on the March of the Living Tour.My intention was not to have an exhibition but to have photographs for my own use. I took along several cameras including black and white film, being the photographic medium of the time.There are a

  • Alumni Reflection: Ryan Leibowitz, 2015

    This past April, I embarked upon the March of the Living. Prior to the trip, I traveled by myself through Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. While I did not consciously design this portion of the trip to have a Jewish focus, I did make an effort to check out