• Alumni Reflections: Nathan M, Western Region 2018

    I hear birds chirp from the sky above and see butterflies flutter around the trees. I hope these are our people, watching and protecting us, and telling us their story, for us to never forget how their lives ended in such tragedy. It is unfathomable to think such tragedy occurred

  • Western Region’s Ode to Poland 2018

    I am proud to be a Jew and that my children’s children will never forget the Holocaust Love is worth dying for because passion lasts It is truly amazing to see that out of such evil and pure darkness, the Jewish faith can survive and flourish We are not victims,

  • Highlights 30th Anniversary March of the Living Jerusalem 2018

    [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOQ8_L4mk_s[/embedyt]

  • Participant Interviews at Mega Event 2018

    [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnxqKbgxSMw[/embedyt]

  • Thankful days: Why I made aliyah by Joseph Bendah

    Five years have passed since I immigrated to Israel from the United States, and an additional two years have passed since I was released from the Israel Defense Forces. Each year since I arrived in Israel, I have flown overseas to visit my family and friends. On each of my

  • My first time in Poland; the gentle chaos of defiance

    This week I visited Poland for the very first time. I’ve probably avoided this journey because I grew up in a Holocaust-drenched-home and then lived in Holocaust-steeped-Israel. A few years ago, I visited Lithuania where our family comes from and where, in the village which my great-grandfather left, 2,000 Jews

  • March of the Living diary: ‘The more we learn – the more questions we have’

    Karen Pollock, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational trust, was part of the 275-strong UK’s delegation to Poland for March of the Living, as more than 11,000 came together at Auschwitz to remember six million Jews. Following an emotional week of learning about Jewish history and Polish-Jewish life, she reflects

  • Holocaust Memory: The Next Thirty Years

    The 2018 March of the Living marks thirty years since the first 1,500 participants gathered in Poland and marched along the path of memory that marchers have taken each year since. As we again gather in Poland to march together from Auschwitz to Birkenau, we are more than merely walking

  • Alumni Reflection: Ariella Kimmel, Canada, 2017

    This submission was chosen as the winner in the Golden Thread Contest, age 19-30 category. We continue to publish submissions to the Golden Thread Contest as well as general submissions to the Thread of 1000 Stories. I grew up in a Jewish home, raised with traditions and customs as a significant part of my

  • Recorder of Righteous Conversations

    As Holocaust survivors age and die, how will younger generations continue their legacy? One 19-year-old, Tamar “Tammy” Shine, has invested her time in learning about and interacting with local survivors. A 2017 graduate and class valedictorian of Milken Community Schools, Shine is now a freshman at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.