Book reveals moving images of survivors on Holocaust memorial day

Book reveals moving images of survivors on Holocaust memorial day
Mirjam Finkelstein thinks of herself as a person first and a survivor last (Picture: Harry Borden)

On this day, 72 years ago, the largest Nazi concentration camp was finally liberated.

Overall, six million Jews died – 1.1 million of which, perished in Auschwitz alone.

GettyImages-505313513.jpgMoving stories from survivors on Holocaust memorial day

And today, survivors of Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust, which took place between 1942 and 1945, are still haunted by the murderous campaign that claimed the lives of so many of their loved ones.

Which is why one photographer, Harry Borden, made it his mission to travel the world and capture intimate portraits of some of those who lived.

Today, Borden has compiled the 288 deep images into a new book, Survivor, where many have revealed what it means to them to have survived one of the darkest moments in the history of humanity.

(Picture: Harry Borden) Holocaust Survivor Marcel Ladenheim
Marcel Ladenheim asks people to remember that babies were murdered (Picture: Harry Borden)
(Picture: Harry Borden) Holocaust Survivor Ella Prince
Ella Prince survived the Holocaust (Picture: Harry Borden)
(Picture: Harry Borden) Holocaust Survivors Bernd Koschland
Bernd Koschland stars in the new book (Picture: Harry Borden)
(Picture: Harry Borden) Holocaust Survivors Eve Kugler
Eve Kugler is a child survivor (Picture: Harry Borden)

Harry said: ‘One day soon, all the survivors will be gone.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017: Shocking photos show the horrors of the Holocaust‘The genesis of this project arose from my childhood. My brother, sister and I grew up in a vaguely non-religious environment.

‘Like most boys, I idealised my father and when he explained bluntly that the Nazis would have killed us because of our racial and religious characteristics I was shocked.

(Picture: Harry Borden) Holocaust Survivor Aliza Shapiro
Aliza Shapiro wrote a passage for the book (Picture: Harry Borden)
(Picture: Harry Borden) Holocaust Survivor Adam Adams
Adam Adams escaped death (Picture: Harry Borden)
(Picture: Harry Borden) peterlantos
Peter Lantos said he still thinks of the horror (Picture: Harry Borden)
‘I guess I had considered myself a Christian like my Mother.

‘My hope is that this work honours not only all those who were gracious enough to take part but also every other survivor, along with the men women and children who were killed during the Holocaust.’

Survivor – A portrait of the survivors of the Holocaust By Harry Borden, published by Cassell Illustrated, £30

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