• Yoav Lester | Melbourne, Australia | 31 years old

    Tell us in a few words about yourself. I am a 31 year old filmmaker. I was born in Sydney, grew up in Melbourne. My parents were born in Sydney. Both my grandfathers were survivors from Lodz, Poland. One grandma is from Morocco and the other was from UK, previously

  • Imogen Krell | Manchester, London UK | 24 years old

    Tell us in a few words about yourself. My name is Imogen Krell. I am 24 years old and have just started a career in strategy consultancy in London. Previously, I worked on the Teach First Programme and for two years taught Math to underprivileged students as well as acted

  • Emily Bowman | Budapest, Hungary

    Tell us in a few words about yourself. I was born in Washington but grew up in Hungary. She attended a Jewish high school.   “I finished school in Budapest and came to Israel on the Masa program. When I grew up, I was active in the Hungarian Jewish community.

  • Yael Battegay | Basel, Switzerland | 27

    Tell us in a few words about yourself. I’m a 27-year-old high school teacher. I’m a proud Swiss Jew.   If you have experienced antisemitism in your country, how was it expressed? I have experienced very little antisemitism. If there were issues, it was rather a problem of ignorance than

  • Talia Chaze | Paris, France | 19 years old

    Tell us a few words about yourself. My name is Talia Chaze. I am 19, and I live in Paris with my parents. I have been in Israel for the past five and a half months, on a program with Habonim Dror, called Maslul. I am returning to Paris today.

  • Jerusalem Tour, Dinner & Light Show for March of the Living Alumni in Israel

    As part of March of the Living’s new alumni initiative, on March 28th, the first gathering of alumni Israel occurred in Jerusalem. Alumni spanning over the from the years 2003 to 2018, enjoyed a beautiful evening in Israel’s capital, taking a tour around the old city, having dinner in Mamilla

  • Holocaust Survivor Declares at March of the Living, ‘Hitler Did Not Win!’

    The March of the Living brings together different generations of the same family, providing a narrative of life among unspeakable pain and a message of renewal Those words, “always remember who are,” were the last ones that Anita Ekstein’s father spoke to her, as he entrusted her safety to a

  • Experiences with Antisemitism


  • March of the Living Statement on Terror Attack in New Zealand

    The Board and Officers of the International March of the Living condemn Friday’s horrific terror attack and senseless loss of lives in two Muslim Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. “We call upon all communities of faith to not just once again mourn the killing of innocent worshippers, but to moreover

  • March of the Living by Dana Arschin for Fox5 Films

    The following 3 films were created by 2018 March of the Living alumna, Dana Arschin, for Fox 5 Films. Segment 3: March of the Living – aired 2/25/19   Segment 1: The Forgotten Camps – aired 10/15/18   Segment 2: A Community Reborn – aired 11/8/18