• Israel urges Italy to bar Iran president over Holocaust cartoon contest

    Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein met Friday with his Italian counterpart and told her to prevent Iranian President Hassan Rouhani from arriving in Italy on January 25. He asked President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy Laura Boldrini to prevent the visit in light of Iran’s decision to hold an exhibition of cartoons ridiculing

  • Knesset Speaker to UN’S Ban: Condemn Iran’s Holocaust denial cartoon contest

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon must publicly condem and directly address Iran’s Holocaust denial, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein wrote in a letter to Ban on Wednesday. The letter came in light of an international Holocaust cartoon contest, sponsored by the Tehran Municipality. The winner of the competition will receive a $50,000

  • Center Field: Celebrate Martin Luther King Day by saying Gaza isn’t Ferguson

    Over the last week, many American Jews celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday at their synagogues, in community centers, or in African-American churches. Most American Jews, from Left to Right, embrace King’s message of racial equality, personal dignity, constitutional justice and aspirational democracy. I am making a personal plea to every rabbi,

  • Kuwaiti student expelled from French university over anti-Semitic Facebook posts

    (JTA) — A Kuwaiti student was expelled from the prestigious Sciences Po University in Paris over anti-Semitic comments made on Facebook. Amira Jumaa is the first student to be expelled from the institution since it was founded in 1872, according to Haaretz. She reportedly was expelled in December in a

  • Celebrating Aristides de Sousa Mendes, diplomat and Holocaust hero, who saved 10,000 Jews

    Los Angeles Jews will celebrate the life and moral courage of a devout Catholic beginning Jan. 22, with the world premiere of an oratorio, an exhibition, film screenings and a memorial service. The honoree is the late diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who in 1940, while serving as Portugal’s consul

  • Holocaust survivor and ex-Sutton High School student awarded MBE

    A former Sutton High School student who survived the Holocaust has been awarded an MBE for raising awareness of the atrocity and for services to the Jewish community. Agnes Grunwald-Spier, 71, also helped establish the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and has written two books about Holocaust rescuers and how the

  • New ‘Mein Kampf’ publication ‘a slap in the face to Holocaust survivors’

    As scholars mark first German edition since 1944, Jewish community leaders unconvinced by idea of teaching Hitler’s manifesto ‘as a vaccine against extremism’ As Adolf Hitler’s last official residence, the German state of Bavaria has kept the copyright of the genocidal dictator’s “Mein Kampf” under lock and key since the

  • Novominsker Rebbe Condemns ‘In Strongest Possible Terms’ Rabbi Mizrachi’s Outrageous Holocaust Comments

    The Hamodia Newspaper has published an editorial along with a statement by the Novominsker Rebbe Shlita condemning the comments made by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, who is a well-known Kiruv Rabbi, which were published by YWN last week. The statement by the Novominsker Rebbe reads: “I condemn in the strongest terms possible the

  • Holocaust survivor’s story ultimately lifts the spirit

    “Earlier this week, we were honored to publish a front-page story marking the 101st birthday of Ray Gawendo, a resident of the Norwichtown Rehabilitation and Care Center and a Holocaust survivor whose story is nothing less than awe-inspiring — heartbreakingly tragic, and yet ultimately uplifting. Gawendo’s early life was marked

  • Young Thespians Learn About Holocaust

    A group of young thespians is tackling the tough topic of the Holocaust. The Lafayette Theatre Academy in LaGrange is putting on “I Never Saw Another Butterfly.” There are hundreds of beautifully colored butterflies at the Square in downtown LaGrange – 1,000 of them. Only 100 of these are white.