• Young Thespians Learn About Holocaust

    A group of young thespians is tackling the tough topic of the Holocaust. The Lafayette Theatre Academy in LaGrange is putting on “I Never Saw Another Butterfly.” There are hundreds of beautifully colored butterflies at the Square in downtown LaGrange – 1,000 of them. Only 100 of these are white.

  • France upholds law singling out Holocaust-denial as crime

    PARIS –  A French high court has upheld the law singling out Holocaust denial as a crime, ruling that the World War II genocide is of a “different nature” than other crimes against humanity. A math teacher fired after being convicted of Holocaust denial had challenged the law, saying it

  • The Boys of Auschwitz

    How my father, a Holocaust survivor, found beauty in a soccer match When I began work on a book about my mother and her friends I had only a vague notion of what I wished to do, much less how to go about doing it. My only thought was to

  • Hungarian faces jail for Holocaust denial on Facebook

    BUDAPEST (AFP) – A Hungarian man is facing a possible jail term over Holocaust denial comments on Facebook, a sentence handed down under a 2010 law banning public denial of genocides. The man, identified in a court ruling as Norbert Juhos, 38, made the comments on Facebook last August in

  • Prince Charles succeeds Queen Elizabeth as patron of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

    The Prince of Wales has succeeded his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, as the new patron of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. Queen Elizabeth has been patron of the organisation since its inception ten years ago. She has visited the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 2015 and frequently hosts Holocaust survivors

  • Monsey Rabbi Apologizes for Erroneous Holocaust Claims in Video

    After generating controversy for his assertions that only one million Jews perished during the Holocaust, while the other five million may not have been considered Jews according to halacha due to rampant assimilation and pervasive intermarriage, Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi, an incredibly inspirational kiruv rabbi and lecturer issued an apology. The

  • Holocaust Memorial Group organise special event

    A GROUP of young people have organized a special event to highlight the devastating impact of the Holocaust and the lessons which should be learnt from it. Since it was formed three years ago, the ‘Holocaust Memorial Group – Hartlepool’ – a group of 14 young people aged 13-19 –

  • Holocaust survivor brings horrors of history to life for pupils

    Students learning about the atrocities of the Second World War were visited by a holocaust survivor. Uri Winterstein gave a talk to A-level history pupils at Whitburn Academy, in Shanks Road, yesterday. The 71-year-old grandfather was just a baby in the last two years of the war, but he survived

  • Dallas Holocaust Museum Presents “Anne Frank – A History for Today” International Exhibit

    Beginning on January 14, Yahad-In Unum’s exhibition on “The Holocaust by Bullets” will be on display at Centro Sefarad-Israel in Madrid, Spain. The exhibition’s objective is to pay homage to Holocaust victims and to educate visitors in the hopes of preventing genocide and mass violence in the future. This exhibition

  • Holocaust survivor pays emotional visit to Aberdeen school

    A holocaust survivor has made a poignant visit to a north-east school to honour the memory of those whose lives were lost and to teach the lessons of those who survived. Harry Bibring, 90, shared his heartbreaking story with students at Albyn School in Aberdeen yesterday thanks to a programme