• How Hitler’s PERSONAL photographer captured for history the plight of the Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland

    She has such natural beauty, she could pass for a movie star. She smiles, her demeanour relaxed. In normal times, this young woman would surely have enjoyed a bright and happy future, perhaps with a  husband, children, grandchildren. But soon after this photograph was taken, she would face almost certain

  • Growing Up Absurd in Auschwitz

    An immersion in Auschwitz during the mass murder frenzy of October 1944, when the gassing of Hungarian Jews had been nearly completed, Son of Saul—a first feature by the French-Hungarian director László Nemes—is not a movie to recommend lightly. It is also, as a fictional film that depicts, in what

  • The Fake Diamond Ring That Saved Jews From the Nazis

    Inside a tiny box in a temperature-controlled, locked cabinet at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, there is a ring. It is not particularly beautiful, and in purely monetary terms, it is not particularly valuable. But behind this ring is a beautiful story of survival of Jews living under Nazi

  • German cinema rediscovers Nazi hunter Fritz Bauer

    BERLIN, Germany (AFP) — With two new films, German cinema has rediscovered the country’s fiercest Nazi hunter, former prosecutor Fritz Bauer, honoring a man who fought against post-war amnesia about the Holocaust. A Jewish atheist and Social Democrat who spent time in a Nazi concentration camp before going into war-time

  • Broward County Student Awareness Day draws record attendance to hear Survivor stories

    A record of 1,225 Broward County high school students learned about the Holocaust through the testimony of many survivors, as well as the screening of the 2005 documentary “I’m Still Here,” based on the diaries of teens, many who perished in the Holocaust. The event titled “Broward County Student Awareness

  • Unearthing the Polish Underground’s Complex Past

    It may be a good thing Joshua Zimmerman didn’t start researching his book “The Polish Underground and the Jews, 1939-1945” now. Even without the recent victory of right-wing Law and Justice party, with its nationalist platform and call to culturally whitewash Poland’s Holocaust past, documenting the true relationship between Polish

  • Holocaust exhibit examines pre-war Jewish existence to ‘a life of annihilation’

    MUSKEGON, MI – A new exhibit in Muskegon is attempting to shed some light on one of the most horrific incidents in human history. “The Holocaust: A Ripple in Time” opened at the USS Silversides Submarine, 1346 Bluff St., on Nov. 9 and will remain on display until Feb. 22.

  • Holocaust Survivors, Wauwatosa Business Owners’ Tale Documented In New Book

    Jack Grinbaum withheld the fact that he was Jewish from his customers; “He always felt that people who weren’t Jewish were anti-Semitic,” Weiss said. “He thought he would lose customers if they felt he was Jewish.” With a needle and thread, Jack Grinbaum sewed himself out of a concentration camp

  • Holocaust memories stitched together, one panel at a time

    LONDON – To mark the 70th anniversary of their parents’ and grandparents’ liberation from the Nazi concentration camps at the end of World War II, a group of families have stitched together – literally – their memories of the Holocaust through a vibrant patchwork of quilts. The four “memory” quilts,

  • The miracle babies of Mauthausen, 70 years later

    LONDON — Wendy Holden thinks “Born Survivors” is the most important book she has ever written, and as the author of more than 30 books she would know best. But the British writer goes further. The book, she says, is not just important, but she feels she was destined to