A special program which brings together adults from around the world to to learn about the Jewish community that once flourished in Europe, the tragedy of the Holocaust and the establishment and survival of the State of Israel. 


IN POLAND…The program will include visits to a number of Polish cities, towns and villages that were once vibrant centers of Jewish life and learning. You will see historic sites in Warsaw, including the cemetery, ghetto memorial and Mila 18. In Krakow, you will see the Jewish Quarter and its synagogues, and in Lublin, you will visit Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin. The concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, and Treblinka, where much of European Jewry was annihilated, are included as well. Your experience in Poland will be marked by special observances, culminating with the March of the Living itself on Yom Hashoah. Yet even in Poland there will be moments of hope. You will have the opportunity to connect with a new generation of Polish Jews who are committed to keeping Judaism alive in Poland. You will also meet non-Jewish Polish students and discuss a shared past, as well as build bridges between our two cultures. There is also a meeting with the ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ where you will learn about the courageous stand they took in risking their lives to save Jews during the Shoah.

IN ISRAEL… The program will combine visits to a number of exciting places and ancient sites, including Jerusalem, Masada, the Sea of Galilee, Tel Aviv, the Negev Desert and more. During your stay in Israel you will take part in many special events organized specifically for the participants in the March of the Living. On Yom Hazikaron – Israel’s Remembrance Day – students will take part in ceremonies honoring Israel’s soldiers who gave their lives in defense of their country. The next evening, Yom Ha’aztmaut, will include a celebration in honor of the 67th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel.
These participants come from all walks of life. The bus that they travel together on is a microcosm of the world and participants share and learn from each other, building connections that last a lifetime. This is an educational trip but also a journey of reflection. Participants will learn about the Holocaust, share their own experiences and stories, gain knowledge from each other’s backgrounds and take home with them a richer and deeper understanding about the Holocaust. Participants will also take part in a journey of reflection and learn about different cultures and societies, and the role of the individual. The journey encourages them to take the lessons of the Holocaust and transfer them into action when they go back to their home countries.

The group is accompanied by world-renowned Holocaust scholars as educators. Participants will spend a week in Poland traveling around the country, learning about the history of the Holocaust. They will visit both Warsaw and Krakow, discovering a lost world of rich Jewish heritage which no longer exists. Sites include the remnants of the Jewish ghetto, Mila 18, the Jewish cemetery and the restored Nozyk synagogue in Warsaw, and the Jewish Quarter and Ramah Synagogue in Krakow. They will travel to see the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and Majdanek. The highlight in Poland will be the March of the Living as the adults join Jewish youth, from all corners of the earth, as they march from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Participants will then fly to Israel and spend a week visiting the country, participating in Yom Hazikaron, Memorial Day, and Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, with the rest of the State. They will visit the majestic landscapes of the North, the beaches of Tel Aviv and the hills of Jerusalem. They will also have the opportunity to travel to world-renowned museums and meet with leading scholars. The trip will culminate with another March to the Old City in Jerusalem, and the Mega Event Concert, with the other participants of the March of the Living.

Your trip, however, will not end once you get home. Participants and educators continue to correspond after the trip to reflect on their experience together. The bonds that form on this trip will last a lifetime.

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“I firmly believe that this trip is one that every Jew should embark on and experience…I hope that MOTL continues for many years to come.”  

– Esther Haver, Auckland, New Zealand

“For me, there’s life before the March, and then there’s life now. I have been touched by the pain, the suffering, and the agony of my people in the most horrific places ever created by man. I am not the same person I was before the trip.”  

– Lori Bejar, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Being a part of the March of the Living 2010 International Adult Delegation was for me the embodiment of the words Never Again..visiting some of the most evil places on earth such as Majdanek, and standing amongst tens of thousands of Jews at another, Auschwitz-Birkenau, listening to survivors such as Chief Rabbi Lau, personalizes this dark chapter of our history like no other resource can. It also shows the world that the Jewish nation will endure regardless.”  

– Dean Marcus, Johannesburg, South Africa