Frances Irwin is 90 years old. She was born in Poland and lives in Brooklyn. She is a Holocaust survivor. Frances is lonely, even though her son takes care of her. She collects used aluminum foil in a kitchen piled high with paper plates. She relies on an emergency wristband

  • Stashed love letters shed light on divisive Holocaust legacy

    AP — Throughout the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam, and while incarcerated in two prison camps, Mirjam Bolle wrote letters to her fiance that she never sent but hoped to share with him after the war. Yet when the two ultimately reunited she decided to leave the past behind and stashed

  • N.J. Holocaust survivor pens ‘Chocolate’ memoir

    The memoir of Holocaust survivor Maud Dahme, a resident of Flemington, was recently published with support from Stockton University’s Sara & Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center. Chocolate, The Taste of Freedom, tells Dahme’s story of being hidden by Christian families as a child in The Netherlands during World War II.

  • INTERNATIONAL: Holocaust survivor describes atrocities of death and concentration camps

    Holocaust survivor Oskar Jakob, who experienced the horrors of a death camp, two concentration camps and forced marches, said as a 13 year old, he “experienced the most horrific crime that ever has been committed.” At Tuesday’s meeting of the Heartland American-Israeli Initiative, Jakob told his story of survival amid

  • Holocaust survivor’s lifelong search for her dead parents

    As she has done for so long, Vivianne Spiegel searches the fading photographs for her parents’ faces among the piles of bodies. She was seven years old when she saw her mother, Tauba, for the last time. It was Paris, July 1942. Her father, Moshe, a Polish shoemaker, had already been

  • 90-year-old Auschwitz survivor triumphs in sell-out dance duet

    As Eva Fahidi’s performance premiers in Berlin, the Hungarian’s newfound love of expression through movement truly proves it is never too late BUDAPEST, Hungary (AFP) — “It’s never too late,” smiles Eva Fahidi, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor who, at the age of 90, is currently starring in a sold-out duet

  • Holocaust survivor Batszewa Dagan donates lucky charm to Auschwitz museum

    A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor has donated a tiny good luck charm that she says helped her live through three years in the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. Batszewa Dagan donated a pair of miniature shoes, measuring barely a centimetre in length, to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, which is based at the

  • It Took My Mother 50 Years To Talk To Me About Her Experience In the Holocaust—When She Finally Did I Was Speechless

    As a Holocaust researcher, Hermann Simon had heard numerous survivor’s stories, but it wasn’t until his mother was 75 years old that she allowed him to hear her own. If I had to locate the exact point in time when I began thinking about preserving my mother’s memories of her

  • Holocaust told as it was

    On Wednesday, January 27, students of History, Religious Education and Citizenship from secondary schools across Wirral will travel to the Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton to hear testimony from Holocaust survivor Joanna Millan as part of a visit organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET). The event will include a

  • ‘Art From the Holocaust’: The Beauty and Brutality in Forbidden Works

    BERLIN — When Nelly Toll was 8 years old, during World War II, she rewrote the Cinderella fairy tale with a feminist twist. Instead of Prince Charming, a powerful princess invited Cinderella to live in her castle and enjoy a pianist performing in a sun-drenched room. Ms. Toll illustrated her