• Elie Wiesel’s Only Son Steps Up to His Father’s Legacy

    New York Times – OSWIECIM, Poland — Back when all he wanted was to play baseball and tinker with his computer, Elisha Wiesel found himself touring Treblinka, evading KGB agents on the Moscow subway and watching his father accept the Nobel Peace Prize. “I wanted a normal American childhood,” said

  • ‘We run like mouses to hide,’ a Holocaust survivor saved by ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ remembers

    Holocaust survivor Stefania Sitbon (nee Kenigswein) visits the Warsaw Zoo, where she and her family hid for more than two months during World War II. (Sarit Shina / March of the Living) By Kristina Jovanovski / LA Times Stefania Sitbon sits in the dining room of her Toronto apartment, surrounded

  • Survivor Amek Adler dies while on Holocaust speaking tour

    CJN – At 89, Abram (Amek) Adler had ambitious plans for the future. His Holocaust memoir, Six Lost Years, had just been published and the official launch of the book was scheduled for May 25, followed by a national book tour in the fall. On April 24, Adler was on

  • My father was a witness, and now I will be a witness

    Op-ed: My father, Elie Wiesel, was a witness to the worst atrocity that man has ever unleashed on fellow man. Each Friday night, my wife and I become witnesses that the enemy has failed; that we, the Jewish people, live. YNet/Elisha Wiesel – “But beware and watch yourself very well, lest

  • How the March of the Living began by Holocaust Survivor, Noah Klieger|

    His name was Henri Roques, and in 1987 he sparked an international scandal when the University of Nantes in France awarded him a doctorate for a thesis in which he denied the Holocaust. A young Knesset member decided at the time that something had to be done in “response” to

  • I thought I knew my family’s Holocaust story — until I met this man

    JewishJournal – I was in the middle of an email exchange with my Israeli cousin, Miriam, when she unwittingly dropped the bombshell. I had written to her early last year to tell her that I would be making my first visit to Poland. I knew she had traveled to the


    The son of the late Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel will light a torch in memory of his father during this year’s March of the Living, an annual educational program that brings people from all over the world to Poland and Israel to study the history of the

  • A celebrity photographer trains his lens on Holocaust survivors

    JTA — Harry Borden is Britain’s Annie Leibovitz. Sort of. The American-born, U.K.-raised portrait photographer, 52, admits there “are some parallels” in their careers, though “obviously, I’m nowhere near as successful,” he told JTA. Still, Borden is England’s go-to photographer when a publication wants a celebrity portrait. Elton John, Paul

  • After Their Holocaust Survivor Parents Pass Away, Children Find a Treasure in Suitcase Left Locked Away for Decades

    Haaretz – For decades the home movies from the wedding of a Dutch Jewish couple, Mimi Dwinger and Barend Boers, lay in a suitcase that no one was to open. The bride and groom, who miraculously survived the Holocaust, did not tell their children about the special keepsake from their

  • Survivor Celina Biniaz: The youngest of Schindler’s Jews

    JewishJournal – “Get in rows. March,” the block leader ordered the nearly 300 women in the Auschwitz barracks who had arrived from the Plaszow concentration camp only weeks earlier, in mid-October 1944. Thirteen-year-old Celina Karp dutifully obeyed, though this was the first time in Auschwitz that she had been separated