• Alumni Reflection: Noelle Chin-Vance

    I don’t usually post anything on Facebook, besides happy pictures of my experience as a college student, however, today is different. As I was walking by Turlington I was a witness of a group of people shouting “No more Nazis!”. I knew about there being a man who walked around

  • Participant Reflection: Natasha Woodstock “You can’t not go”

    UJS – When you go somewhere people always ask how was it? And words can never express the intensity of what you’ve experienced. This is a trip too important to miss and my words can only carry so far. I have been on a Poland trip three times, two of which

  • Alumni Reflection: Alejandra Rotman, Argentina

    (Scroll down for English version…) Aún con el equipaje a medio desarmar, la casa revuelta y mi corazón otro tanto, me veo en la situación de satisfacer el oído del otro ante el reiterado pedido de relatar mi viaje. En estos días me encuentro con palabras escasas pero con múltiples

  • Participant Reflection: Jeremy Benhamou

    In May of 2016 I was extremely fortunate to participate in the Leo Martin March of the Living. This two-week long trip to Poland and Israel not only inspired this essay, it also altered the way I think about everything! This incredible program, which began on May 2nd and ended

  • Alumni Reflection: Julia Ellis “I Traveled All The Way To Poland To March For Those Who No Longer Can—And It Changed My Life Forever”

    I went on March of the Living to make sure that not one victim of the Holocaust died in vain; I promise I will never forget. by Julia Ellis I don’t even know how to begin talking about this trip, but I’m going to try my best to do it justice.

  • No Limit to What We Can Do

    I am a very emotional person. Maybe it’s part of my personality or maybe it’s because I fall under the category of moody 17-year-old girl. I’m emotional when I get a bad mark. I’m emotional when I get in a fight with my friends. I’m emotional when I hear about

  • A March of the Living Leader’s visit to the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

    It was a Friday morning in early May – I had taken the express train from Krakow to Warsaw to get to my March of the Living Canada group’s hotel early for check-in. My co-staff stayed in Krakow with the group and she was responsible for taking them through Plaszow;

  • VIDEO: Canadian teens take emotional pilgrimage to Nazi death camps

    W5’s Sandie Rinaldo joins a group of Canadian high school students, chaperones, and Holocaust survivors on a journey from Toronto to Poland as they embark on an annual pilgrimage known as the March of the Living, an emotionally grueling tour of Nazi concentration camps.

  • IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS follows the March of the Living

      IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS follows the March of the Living This week W5’s Sandie Rinaldo joins a new generation confronting the horrors of the past. IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS follows the March of the Living, as teens travel to the death camps in Poland and hear first-hand from the dwindling numbers

  • Renny Rychter and John Glass discussed March of the Living

    Renny Rychter and John Glass discussed March of the Living.