• Story of the Fork

    Every year when I am in The Netherlands I visit Dirkje ( Ditte) Spronk. My sister Rita and I were being hidden by Mr and Mrs Hendrik Spronk on their farm in Oldebroek. We arrived there in the summer of 1942. In January 1944, Hendrik Spronk passed away. His wife

  • Prosecuting Eichmann: An Interview with Israeli Supreme Court Justice Gabriel Bach

    Justice Gabriel Bach, Eichmann trial prosecutor and Israeli Supreme Court Justice (ret.), fled Nazi Germany at the age of 18. Two decades later, Bach, then a deputy state attorney in Israel, served as the deputy chief prosecutor of Adolf Eichmann, one of the principal architects of the Final Solution. He

  • New Tech To Offer Virtual Conversations With Holocaust Survivors

    JPost – With a slew of recent incidents clearly indicating that antisemitism is on the rise in the US and in Europe and the voice of Holocaust deniers resounding louder and louder, the need to preserve the memory of World War II’s atrocities has grown ever more pressing in recent

  • Remembering My Father Elie Wiesel On The Eve of Rosh Hashanah

    Forward – This time of year was a difficult time for my father. Did each September, or more precisely – each month of Elul in the Hebrew calendar – did each one get progressively more difficult for him as he got older? Or did I just get more attuned to


    JPost – Holocaust survivor Ed Mosberg still wears a bracelet bearing his identification number from Mauthausen concentration camp. He and other survivors describe their lives during and after the Holocaust in new documentary “Destination Unknown”. The film, compiled over the course of 14 years, is told through the accounts of

  • March of the Living expresses our sadness over the passing of David Shentow Z”L Holocaust Survivor and Educator

    David Shentow, of Ottawa, Canada, educated thousands of young people about the Holocaust and the dangers of hatred and intolerance. A true gentleman, and gentle man, his legacy of kindness and hope will live on in the hearts of so many teens who had the privilege of joining him on

  • March of the Living was life-altering experience-altering experience by Ivan Cutler, Southern Region, 2017

    After bearing immense grief, transformed into hope and exhilaration, a group of committed Guilford County Jews returned from the annual March of the Living spiritual-educational journey in Poland and Israel. Representing the Mid-Atlantic Region, Guilford’s group joined contingents from Southern Virginia and South Carolina in the intense educational program, attracting

  • Tucson teens, local survivor join defiant ‘March of the Living’

    It takes a special kind of courage to revisit your worst memories. When Holocaust survivor Pawel Lichter of Tucson accompanied a group of Jewish teens on the 29th annual March of the Living, April 9-May 13, he stepped back to 1939. In a basement on Warszawska Street, in his home

  • Elie Wiesel’s Only Son Steps Up to His Father’s Legacy

    New York Times – OSWIECIM, Poland — Back when all he wanted was to play baseball and tinker with his computer, Elisha Wiesel found himself touring Treblinka, evading KGB agents on the Moscow subway and watching his father accept the Nobel Peace Prize. “I wanted a normal American childhood,” said

  • ‘We run like mouses to hide,’ a Holocaust survivor saved by ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ remembers

    Holocaust survivor Stefania Sitbon (nee Kenigswein) visits the Warsaw Zoo, where she and her family hid for more than two months during World War II. (Sarit Shina / March of the Living) By Kristina Jovanovski / LA Times Stefania Sitbon sits in the dining room of her Toronto apartment, surrounded